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Eco-Green Holes LLC offers the services of professional advice for the sale, purchase and rental of all types of houses, We help you sell or rent your property easily, quickly and effectively. We have experience selling properties

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¿Why sell with an agent?

A good real estate professional will be responsible for viralizar your house through all its available promotion channels: web portal, social networks, emails, calls and even appointments with the most favorable buyers.

A real estate professional will not only be responsible for finding potential buyers for our property, but will also advise us on everything related to the sale process to achieve maximum profitability in the transaction.

They know the market price

A real estate agency knows which homes are best sold, therefore, will help and guide you to adapt your home to the demands of the market in order to sell your home quickly and at the best price.

They have a large database

The real estate agencies have a large database of buyers, who are also qualified, to determine their purchasing possibilities and the adequacy of their housing preferences.

Save time and money

Your real estate agency will be responsible for conducting a screening with buyers with more possibilities, receive them at your office, inform them about the characteristics and possibilities of your home, and above all, show the property to all interested parties

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